'It is a constant in our culture to drive for more efficiency'

Creation Technologies' VAVE Project Manager Diana Ferrari talked about Creation's value engineering and lean six sigma programs at DFM Summit #18 in Toronto. 'What is important is not just getting everybody in the supply chain involved as early as possible, but be really aligned in what the goals are that are gonna make us all successful.'

'The supply chain engineer can be a bit of a unicorn'

Walter Garrison, Ryan Wicklum and Jason MacFarlane discussed the manufacturing supply chains and ecosystems in Ontario at Design for Manufacturing Summit #18 in Toronto.

'More and more manufacturing is coming back to North America'

Miles Keller of Dystil at DFM Summit #18 last week in Toronto talked about opportunities for innovation in furniture manufacturing in Ontario. 'Tooling is done differently now. There is such a digital side to it that it doesn't really matter where you are.'

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